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Why Would YOU Choose A Cruise Vacation?

There are dozens of reasons why millions of people choose a cruise vacation.  Sure, people need a vacation, they like the almost-all-inclusive aspect and the unpack once routine.  But what’s the real motivation to book a cruise vacation? I wanted more detail.  I polled several of my friends and their friends and learned some of the real reasons.  I asked them why they chose a cruise vacation.  Here’s what I learned.

1. Party Time

With an “all you can drink” booze package and not having to drive home, guests hoped to drink their way through the entire cruise, onboard and ashore.

2. Family Togetherness

These with kids said that this was the easiest way to take a family vacation. Their kids usually loved the youth programs and the parents needed a little down time by themselves without having to entertain their kids.  They all planned to take the kids on active, short shore excursions, not all-day events.

3. No Housekeeping

When I mentioned cleaning (and this sounds so 1950’s), it was the women who spoke up the most.  They said their reason for a cruise vacation (both with and without travel companions) was no housekeeping

or child care for a week. No beds to make, cooking, cleaning etc.

4. Dining And Trying New Foods

“The food!” was a frequent answer.  While many said they looked forward to the buffets and unlimited lobster, some people were going for the specialty dining options and had no plans to set foot in the main dining room.

5. Get Unplugged For A Week

There are a few brave souls who can truly power-down and unplug while on vacation. Now there was the opportunity to read a good book or catch up on a stack of magazines.  Some even said they left their mobile phones in their stateroom safes and left the laptop at home.

6.  Gambling and On-Board Entertainment

Despite the fact that gambling on cruise ships is on the decrease, there were a few who looked forward to hanging out in the casino trying their luck at the slot machines or blackjack tables. For some, it was their nightly entertainment. For others, enjoying the quality entertainment on-board was a big highlight.

7.  History

This can be on an anywhere-in-the-world cruise.  The opportunity to learn about locations they have never been to was truly appealing.


8.  Get Back In Shape

It sounds odd to go on a food-crazed, sit-by-the-pool vacation and try get in shape, too. Taking classes in the gym, enjoying long brisk walks on the deck or walking all day on a land excursion was for many a big plus. At the fitness center you could sign up for daily spinning, yoga, pilates and dancercize classes.  

9.  New Or Adventure Experiences

While there wasn’t one particular repeat item, a lot people booked a cruise vacation to visit new places (islands), try new adrenaline-rush experiences like zip lining high above a rainforest canopy, parasailing, and off-road ATVs.   

10.  See The World Without Flying!

For those not a fan of flying, waking up at sea, sipping coffee on their balcony, no dogs/cats/kids to contend with, hours of uninterrupted writing time, plus exotic and historic ports around the world just waiting to be explored was the premise for a great relaxing vacation.


In an industry with the highest repeat guest rate, there is something about cruising that gets you hooked early on and makes just about everyone want to return again and again.  

Coming up, experiencing the state of the art, new class of cruise ships along with the anatomy of a River Cruise.


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