Arrowhead   Villas   was   built   in   1928.   It   was   comprised   of   160   acres.   The   Tudor   House   was   at   one   time   known   as Club   Arrowhead   of   the   Pines,   with   a   clubhouse,   swimming   pool   and   tennis   court.   It   was   used   by   the   entire Arrowhead   Villas   community.   Sometimes   PTA   meetings   were   held   there,   but   it   was   more   known   as   a   private gambling club/resort, frequented by the wealthy from Los Angeles.   At   one   point   in   time,   a   bar   was   installed   in   the   west   end   of   the   building,   which   is   now   the   stage.   Off   that   bar was   a   room   with   approx   10   slot   machines   in   it.   Sometime   in   the   late   30's,   those   machines   were   declared   illegal, but   the   club's   management   had   ways   to   hide   the   illegal   slot   machines   and   gambling   tables   whenever   the   local police   decided   to   pay   a   visit...      The   Bracken   Fern   Manor,   across   the   street   from   the   Club,   was   part   of   Club Arrowhead   of   the   Pines,   and   was   knownto   have   been   owned   by   the   legendary   mobster,   Benjamin   "Bugsy" Siegel. Bugsy   (no   one   ever   called   him   that   to   his   face,   because   he   hated   the   nickname)   came   up   with   the   idea   of opening   hisexclusive   members-only   resort   in   the   late   1920's,   after   realizing   that   Lake   Arrowhead   was   quickly becoming   the   new   playground   of   the   Hollywood   elite.      The   property,   which   cost   a   whopping   1.3   million   dollars to   construct,   opened   on   July   4,   1929.   At   the   time,   it   consisted   of   3   individual   buildings   consisting   of   a   private gambling   club,   a   brothel,   a   speakeasy,   luxury   guest   quarters,   an   Olympic   sized   swimming   pool,   tennis   courts,   a barbershop,   a   private   gas   station,   a   ski   lift,   horse   stables,   and   a   highly   coveted   supply   of   artesian   well   water   - which was used in the making of moonshine. Most   important   of   all   though,   the   resort   provided   its   guests   with   privacy.   In   fact,   Bugsy   had   chosen   the   out-of- the-way wooded locale due to its extreme seclusion and remoteness. The   Bracken   Fern   Manor   was   originally   known   as   "The   Market"   during   the   time   that   Bugsy   operated   the property.   The   inn   had   state   of   the   art   amenities,   such   as   electricity!   More   importantly,   it   catered   to   the   rich   and famous, offering gambling, illegal liquor and "working girls". It   had   a   soda   fountain   and   a   butcher   shop   on   its   bottom   floor,   an   icehouse   in   the   basement,   and   on   the   top floor    was    "The    Crib",    the    now    infamous    brothel,    where    Bugsy    employed    a    crew    of    wannabe    starlets    to "entertain"   his   gentlemen   guests.   The   brothel   continued   operations   through   World   War   II.   The   building   is   a Certified Historic Landmark, and is known to be haunted... Bracken   Fern   Manor   claims   to   be   haunted   by   a   former   "working   girl"   named   Violet.   She   killed   herself   after   the mob   killed   her   lover.   You   can   still   smell   her   violet   scented   perfume   wafting   through   the   halls.   Another   ghost   of a   little   boy   has   also   been   seen   at   this   historic   inn.   He   is   thought   to   be   the   son   of   a   former   prostitute   and   was trampled by a team of horses. Today his tiny footsteps are often seen in the it is told. When   Bugsy   operated   the   Club,   there   was   a   secret   underground   tunnel   which   connected   the   Club   to   the Market, which allowed guests to travel to the brothel undetected. While   that   underground   tunnel   has   long   since   been   filled   in,   the   door   and   steps   which   formerly   led   down   to   it are still intact! After   the   inn   became   successful,   Bugsy   convinced   the   Bosses   in   Chicago   to   front   him   the   dough   for   another little   gambling   adventure.....Las   Vegas.   However,   Bugsy's   lavish   taste   caused   him   to   go   way   over   his   one   million dollar   budget   and   ultimently   cost   him   his   credibility   with   Chicago.   And   his   life.   While   he   was   having   dinner   one evening with his lover, Virginia Hill, at her Hollywood home, Bugsy was shot dead. Today,   the   Tudor   House   has   been   completely   renovated   and   converted   into   a   high   end   restaurant   and   theater, with   a   complete   theatrical   stage   with   professional   sound   and   lighting,   where   exciting   theatrical   and   music events take place on a regular basis. It is also for hire for private parties. The Bracken Fern Manor has also been completely renovated and converted into a bed and breakfast (Courtesy of The Tudor House Website)